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is a slowly developing critical work-in-progress. Now more clearly understood as the quest of an ordinary attempt to peel back the layers of a conflicted mental landscape where art and politics beat each other up in the name of religion and nobody seems none the wiser, construction has only just been reconvened after an extended hiatus. But ample realization of the task at hand has returned. Many links on this site still exist as mere placeholders. But the infrastructure has been deemed sound, and will be developed with the same zeal and promise with which Gabriel once delighted.

As material once again begins weaving its path to the appropriate sections of the site, the MARGINALIA shall announce boilerplate offerings and other links to recent flurries of activity. If you are so inclined, be encouraged to join the SWORG SWILL, the sporadic Scenewash Project mailing list, and engage the mighty SWILL in all its wicked splendor and marauding mystifications. If you don't, neither will anyone else. That's merely an observation, not a threat.

Gabriel Thy | April 12, 2002