Old Blood And Guts

PITTTSBURGH PA - In this new age of asymmetrical global warfare the weapons of psy-ops are essential, but still secondary to that pesky feature of all wars, knocking the snot out of the enemy. Public relations smarts insist upon a prime directive to drive homeland media influences with every telling of the lead story. Everything we have learned about the enemy and of assymetrical war itself are crucial aspects of these NEW BATTLEFIELDS. We, on point, must aim to shout louder, demand more, forcing truth of consequences to the top, better than the liars and aggressors of this new totalitarian threat. Whether it's Al-Qiada, Hezbollah or Mahmoud the Terrible with the Twelve Mad Mullahs of Iran sounding the flaming trumpets of their own distorted grievances, we must never succumb to blind appeasement and wishful thinking. The Leftists (God bless their half-baked souls) in this country must wake up and understand what is at stake here. And the Right needs to quit all the pleasant hucksterism that fails to identify honestly and frankly the extent of the threat we are facing without fear of criticsm from the so-called "political correct" dupes and good hearted know nothings.

But even if the PR battle is "lost", the real war must still be fought, and won, no matter how BAD we look in doing it. It doesn't take a weatherman to tell us that OUR ENEMIES DON'T CARE ONE CAMEL'S EYELASH ABOUT OUR OPINION OF THEM. We need to remain as stoic and self-assured about the bedrock value of our system of freedom as the Islamic imperialists are about their own paralyzing theocratic despotism.

By surviving in what appears to be a winner-take-all assault, one can then make the case for one's war strategy and tactics during the resulting peace. If one does not survive, no amount of good intentions or public relations victories ...leading straight to doom... will mean anything. Better to come off in the world as "bullies" and the "hyperpower" - AND ALIVE - rather than be "understanding" and "nice"- AND DEAD. As General Patton said of his enemies: "God have mercy on them, because I sure as hell won't ."

Westerners are reluctant to face this reality of Muslims at war with the rest of the world. However, we must prepare now for the inevitable, because mere survival of Western Civilization, freedom, liberty, and democracy is at stake. Perhaps, if we act swiftly in strength and with perseverance, we can thwart the inevitable. But that seems unlikely given how the players are lining up across the globe today. The events we are living through loosely correspond to the ones of the mid 30's in German-speaking Europe, no matter how much an appeasing pundit will pick apart semantic details. Except that the Axis that is prey to the despotic hate ideology of Islamism today is made of tens of countries across the world instead of a mere handful. At the end of World War II, the German-Japanese axis collapsed only when total destruction was imposed on its cities and population, something the Muslim world has not yet experienced.

So, whether America is yearning for another General George S. Patton or another Sergeant Alvin C. York to cook us up some patriotic warfare, we damn well ain't waiting for another Rip van Winkle or Emperor Nero. It's time to correctly and resolutely assess the enemy, and no, it's not us, Pogo.

Submitted by Icarus Tull
Aug 21, 2006

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