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Network probe detector for SATAN

LOS ANGELES--As a public service, Los Altos Technologies, a provider of UNIX system security software, has developed and released Gabriel (TM), a SATAN detector. Gabriel gives the system administrator an early warning of possible network intrusions by detecting and identifying network probing. Gabriel is complete and ready to run. Los Altos Technologies is providing Gabriel to its customers and anyone else who wishes to use it at no charge. It is expected that any future updates, enhancements, and revisions will come from the users.

Gabriel's Highlights:

  • gabriel_client - reports to gabriel_server excessive probing of any host on its network segment
  • gabriel_server - gathers data from clients and notifies the administrator of probes
  • install_gabriel_client - single program to install and start client monitor program network wide
  • install_gabriel_server - installs server program
  • Ready to run for Sun Solaris1 and Solaris2 operating systems
  • Full source included. Perl is not required.
  • Test script included to evaluate the package if you don't have SATAN
  • Notifies administrator via custom reports, email and pager

Download Gabriel:

Check out the Gabriel Manual Page

To join the Gabriel mailing list send mail to [email protected] with the command
"subscribe gabriel" in the body of the email message.

Here are some other Satan related material:

courtney-1.3.tar.Z - UC LLNL SATAN detector (12 Kbytes)
satan-1.1.1.README - SATAN release 1.1.1 Readme file (2 Kbytes)
satan-1.1.1.tar.Z - SATAN release 1.1.1 (369 Kbytes)
satan_doc.tar.Z - SATAN documentaion release (542 Kbytes)
satan_doc.README - SATAN doc. release info (2 Kbytes)
ciac_satan_notes - CIAC Review of SATAN (18 Kbytes)
cert_satan_advisory - CERT information on SATAN (11 Kbytes)

This article was originally posted on the Internet on 9/16/96. For obvious reasons, we here at the Scenewash Project have seen fit to republish it as family humor.

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Original Artwork by Neil Gaiman
Last Update: 9/16/96

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