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Whether you believe a long distance operator called Almighty God is the ultimate spin doctor working the ropes, or whether you believe the universal order of tiny atoms, the hale of existence, started its spin long ago and far away and maintains itself according to that (a world winding down?) rather ordered disorder, it is a cold hard fact of contemporary life that technology is now defiantly in place to exterminate the whole of earthly creation with a short series of poisonous belts seething of extreme prejudice.

But as with most phenomena, the dual nature of technology is such that it can guide and help maneuver our biological souls to establish a heaven right here upon earth with a host of nifty works in which we the living can each celebrate, given the chance.

Neither Aldus Huxley's nor George Orwell's dark somber worlds are quite here upon us yet, but one is fast approaching, and the other waits like a welcomed smile from an unusual stranger who has prepared the way for our approach. Here we've showcased a few interesting finds around the web, and added a few impulses of our own.


sunset With Bang AND Whimper

  • Moore's Law
  • Genome Data Rate
  • Hacker Jones
  • Gabriel, A Satan Detector
  • Really Bad Science
  • Conscience in a Can of Beans
  • The Internet: Eyes of God?
  • The 12 Bugs of Christmas Past
  • Profit Motifs and the Socialist Molecule
  • Four Horses and an Old Maverick
  • Technology: What's a Worm?

    Less Bang for the Buck

  • Growing, Growing, Grown
  • Restless Populations in Crisis
  • Neither Caves nor Radioactive Craters
  • Potassium Iodide

    slogo Creative Sleuth

  • PopUp Window Generator
  • HTML PopUps
  • Cool Text: Online Logo Generator
  • JavaScript Kit: WebAbstraction
  • Inventing the Electronic Century: The Epic Story of Consumer Electronics and the Computer Science Industries
  • The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World - a bleak look at the corporate takeover of world resources by Lawrence Lessig.
  • Emergence: The connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software - An individual ant, like an individual neuron, is just about as dumb as can be. Connect enough of them together properly, though, and you get spontaneous intelligence. Web pundit Steven Johnson explains what we know about this phenomenon with a rare lucidity.
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    Big Brother Doomsday
    or Driving Global Prosperity?

  • The Dual Nature of Technology
  • Built-in Obsolescence
  • Preparing for the Digital Dark Ages
  • Bill Gates: An Open Letter (1972)
  • Immigration and Technology
  • Challenging the Future: Wealth for all


    Around the Globe:

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • NIST: Time and Frequency Division


  • MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of America's premier campuses for the sciences
  • Center for Democracy & Technology: Free Speech, Data Privacy, Gov't Surveillance, Cryptography, Domain Names, Legislation, Action avenues. More.
  • Robotics: Not Your Father's Swiss Army Knife
  • Ones and Zeroes: Is Binary Pi Beautiful?
  • Complex Organisations: A Critical Essay by Charles Perrow, a succinct overview of the principal schools of thought.
  • Confused? Does everyone who needs a job GET a job in the next New Economy? Does anyone who NEEDS a job even DESIRE a job? What is work, anyway?
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