Vaneigem Vaneigem
An Apostle of Free Love. Daring Saint of Nothing.
In 1967, Raoul Vaneigem's The Revolution of Everyday Life was published in Paris. This small book has influenced many in their search for a new way of looking at life while living it more robustly than the slavery of blind consumerism and usurpation by the spectacle seems to allow. He claims to have diligently written the book (which translated literally from the French is Treatise on How to Live Life) while carousing along the fringes of the oft-documented Paris and Brussels cafe life. Vaneigem was arguably second only to Guy Debord in the leadership and authorship ranks of the small group which called itself the Situationist Internationale which in its heyday consisted only of a dozen or so conspirators.

He is given credit for penning many of the slogans of the May 1968 Paris Student Revolt, although he personally had skipped the country during this period of chaos, resulting in several bruised relationships among the remaining Situationists and Vaneigem. The group as an active force was nearing its end. Vaneigem was one of the first to voluntarily submit his resignation as the group continued to crack under the pressures of unwarranted pretentiousness and individual ambition. Tendering his resignation from the SI in November the same year his REL was published, Vaneigem signalled the end of the group, although as individuals each continued work according to each his talents.

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