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  • 1997-06

  • A Second Glance . . .

    "BY MEANS OF THE SPECTACLE the ruling class discourses endlessly upon itself in an uninterrupted monologue of self-praise. The Spectacle is the self-portrait of power in the age of power's totalitarian rule over the conditions of existence. The fetishistic appearance of pure objectivity in spectacular relationships conceals their true character as relationships between human beings and between classes; a second Nature thus seems to impose inescapable laws upon our environment. But the spectacle is by no means the inevitable outcome of a technical development perceived as natural; on the contrary, the society of the spectacle is a form that chooses its own technical content. If the spectacle - understood in its most limited sense of those "mass media" that are its most stultifying superficial manifestation - seems at times to be invading society in the shape of a mere apparatus, it should be remembered that this apparatus has nothing neutral about it, and that it answers precisely to the needs of the spectacle's internal dynamics. If the social requirements of the age which develops such techniques can be met only through their mediation, if the administration of society and all contact between people now depends on the intervention of such "instant" communication, it is because this "communication" is essentially one-way; the concentration of the media thus amounts to the monopolization by the adminstrators of the existing system of the means to pursue their particular form of administration."

    The Society of the Spectacle
    -Guy Debord

    Authorized Translation 1994
    Donald Nicholson-Smith

    Reversed dishonor.

    . . . our sad inheritance. Modernity, our fate. We instead, welcome all competing interpretations of reality, but will bow to none so to consume them all. We exist to nullify your aims of dialectic analysis based on the false premise that we'll ever solve individually wrapped hype with collective consciousness on the one hand nor transcend universal calamity, hawking autonomous resolve on the other. We resolve that LIFE IS NOT A BINARY MODEL. We admit frankly that the portrait of this "beast" of modern society is as pernicious as you paint it, but we also know this "beast" will collapse under its own algebra of false reckoning, given the severity of a more appropriate historical timing still doubtlessly yet to appear as this grinding of inhumanity continues. But we reject the desire for a global Barabbas to simultaneously lionize and agitate us at this present time of exquisite danger and delicacy. We unequivocally plug "status quo" in all its miserable forms in cold opposition to the sloganeer's persistent call to revolution now!

    Your dialetical weapons don't impress us. No matter how "truthful" your analysis, we, the clarified classes, don't want your dirty war - to end all wars, no doubt, huh, huh!

    IMAGE IS A MERE WISP of the real, but the real is but that wisp of image allowing only a briefest exchange, and hence your error in claiming we've been duped because we do not rage or awkwardly imitate the ideal of your own puffed up senses. Spectacular notion is the truest but most childish requirement of revolutionary maneuever. To express the concept clearly as an artifact of human greed trained to render compensation for the self-torture correctly suspected to betray an ill-tempered marginal existence, SWORG presumes all spectacle is marginal just as the butterfly is floating somewhere near.

    s c e n e w a s h  p r o j e c t  2 0 0 0 3

    "So many political games, so little time . . ."