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Home is where the heart ain't, mouths Brown.

Posted by NOT BORED! on November 15, 1997 at 11:03:32 PM EST

Stewart Home's official response to "Open Letter to Stewart Home" is "To Make Shame More Shameful Still: Will Bill Brown Come Clean About Playing the Race Card?"

Dated 9 July 1996, this official response alleges that Bill Brown (the author of the "Open Letter") is "probably" the author of the "anonymous" tract entitled "Manufacturing Dissent: Stewart Home, Bill Brown and Larry O'Hara United in Phoney Feuds Designed to Stiffle Much Needed Critical Debate." If you click here you'll find yourself in the "Stewart Home" folder at, which proves that, among other things, Home is a bold-faced liar; he is in fact the author of both "To Make Shame" AND "Manufacturing Dissent." These facts go a long way toward confirming the complete accuracy of the insights and criticisms contained in the "Open Letter to Stewart Home," which the author stands by, unequivocably.

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