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Bill Brown Persona Non Grata

The intended purpose of the "persona non grata" page within the Project-friendly author's section is a low-key non-scratch autobiographical sketch aimed to deconstruct the usual ego economies of the literary classes. But in this case, Master Bill Brown has declared himself an enemy not only of the capitalist state but of also the SWORG, a so-called tool of this spectacle, a force to dismiss and despise as idiots. But our spies have offered up a few details floating around in public view, namely that Brown was born sometime on or near 1960. He has lived and adequately demonstrated his ability to irritate the general and corporeal populations in Ann Arbor, Buffalo, and New York City on almost any topic he fancies to tackle since his coming out as a young Napoleon in rags in 1983. In lieu of the autobiographical sketch (which you can find on his own site, noted elsewhere), below is a short list of growing commentary detourned from other sources on the gestalt and grimaces of the one and only Bill Brown aka Little Billy Not de Bored.
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