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On Billy Boy's Posting about Bracken's Translation of Sanguinetti

Posted by Thomas the Ex on January 25, 1998 at 09:57:21 PM EST

Billy, you little worm, if you have access to this translation, bad as it probably is, why don't you post it somewhere, here or in your NOT BORED (ha!) site? You wouldn't be PROTECTING Bracken's COPYRIGHTS, would you? Or maybe he cuts you in for promoting his work on this genealogy board and you don't want to threaten the sales by putting the book on line for free?

And how can you possibly dare talking about Bracken's or anybody else's style, be it "daunting" or "flowing", you who can't put two words together without sounding breathless, unless you're talking about television or whining about being insulted? Crawl back to your situationanist hole, Billy, and stick to TV criticism, there may be bigger profits for you in that. Moreover, it's also safer, the readers of TV criticism are NEVER very aggressive. And mind you, I'm not taking Bracken's side here - he sounds like a fitting company for Billy the unemployed TV critic. This is just because hypocrisy makes me sick.

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