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Bill Brown: Reviews and Articles

Most, if not all of the following writings of Bill Brown have been lifted from his website and republished here for several reasons. Primarily, the Scenewash Project believes in taking other writers of the literary classes at their word when it is reasonable to do so. Bill Brown has adamantly declared on numerous occasions, and still maintains a homepage disclaimer on his own anarchist website stating that he not only advocates in theory but unsparingly places into praxis the shimmering arts of plagiarism and thievery of copywritten materials. Therefore, by his own words the author has summarily given the SWORG full authorization to lift any of his works for reproduction here. Should he cry wolf, we shall indeed find yet another occasion to laugh at those who would rebel at any cost, honoring nothing but the cost of that rebellion. Secondly, we would ike to recall these writings at our discretion. To the author's honor, they remain pertinent to our own purposes in that we agree with some of the arguments persented in these writings while we disagree with others. On the whole, these writings are solid pieces worthy of consideration and thus consolidation within the SWORG, since so much of the web is here today, gone tomorrow, creating dead links to works better served by the inclusionary practices we at the SWORG do advocate. Thirdly, by hosting the pieces onsite, we can better position our arguments against them, much the way William Blake was inspired to critique other writers of his own day in a paragraph by paragraph rebuttal. Brown's stated philosophy makes this progressive approach possible. Thanks Billy!
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