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Aphorisms Against Work

The Spectacle of Secrecy

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Paradise Revisited

g a b r i e l  t h y

Elsewhere Bracken has alluded to "paradise myths" as if fantasy
has been the sole domain of religionists and misguided secular utopians
of the past. There is real paradise to be had, however, says Bracken,
hailing the zeroworker solutions of a few former agitating SI principals.
Notwithstanding valid references to over-and-redundant production, flaws
in capitalist commentary and practice, be warned. A quick glance at human
nature as revealed by history, oneself, the rich, the middle, and the poor
alike, Guy Debord, Len Bracken, the post-situ hubris, and ecological nature
itself is proof enough to this writer that there is a whole lot more wrong
with this planet than optional sweat and toil within the bridgework
of leadership and capital. This is not to say that there do not exist
legitimate gripes, as noted, even should accommodations for grievance
be universally put into place, but these corruptions are human quarrels,
less corruptions of a living system than corruptions of human individuals.
To accept sloth as the natural state of mankind, even of global nature
itself is a most blatant perversion of reality and is equal to mindgarbage
hidden behind fancy wordplay and distortions of natural fact. Please read
these fifty-nine crafted slanders against the human gestalt Bracken calls
his APHORISMS AGAINST  WORK, and if you should read each rebuttal,
make a few notes on your first guttural response to each. Chances are
you'll "feel" titillated by the zerowork ethic. Same chance you'll fail the
"no work" test within the next few hours because you'll soon be in labor
AND have someone else working for reasons the zeroworker solution will
never be able to solve. Instead you'll find yourself trapped in a recursive
loop of sophiscated wordplay, trapped in a flawed ideology hinging upon
the uncritical acceptance of "official" jargon, definition, and action,
trapped in the very same abyss all spectacular notions create when
dealing with the impossible task of linking mankind to a common chain.
The question has been raised by Bracken himself as to why he should
allow his "grand" work to be presented in the rather vunerable way
I've presented it here. I'm not sure exactly why Bracken has consented
blindly to my presentation, nor did it concern me, but after having read his
book on Debord, I am certain the free airing of ideas is incumbant to any
global movement. Anything less would give creedence to accusations of
despotism on the part of the revolutionary, if he did not consent. Unless
this planet of five billion would-be dialecticians is free to dissent, I ask
who is trying to fool whom here, who is the confusionist, whom
the oppressor? The issue here is not sycophancy but culpability.

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