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Campaign for Nobody: A Refusal-of-Work Movement

Bracken At Large



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O T H E R  W R I T I N G S

Aphorisms Against Work

The Spectacle of Secrecy

Len Bracken: Reviews of Recent Books on the Situationist International

l e n  b r a c k e n  &  a n d r e w  s m i t h
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1. Nobody will cancel all debt,
for the lending class rules those in debt.

2. Nobody will establish the ten-hour work week,
for we must run like clocks.

3. Nobody will destroy the prison-industrial complex,
for prisons form the perfect industry.

4. Nobody will abolish positions such as prison guard,
banker, stockbrocker, and so on,
for bankrupt work pays best.

5. Nobody will abolish the wage system,
for wages amount to less than their illsuions.

6. Nobody will abolish currency,
for we think in the language of money.

7. Nobody will put an end to polluting Mother Earth,
for she is ours to dominate and destroy.

8. Nobody will turn off the military-entertainment complex,
for war completely infiltrates daily life.

9. Nobody will replace all pharmaceuticals with botanicals,
for the pharmaceutical industry is second nature.

10. Nobody will legalize revolution,
for laws govern civil war.

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