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Aphorisms Against Work

The Spectacle of Secrecy

Len Bracken: Reviews of Recent Books on the Situationist International

Campaign for Nobody: A Refusal of Work Movement

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SWORG GT - In this splinter, we will offer a spattering of texts designed to speak with the spirit and stick to the letter of the Situationists' proud legacy according to the gospel of the local proto-situ activist kid, Len Bracken. His writings will be hypertexted with random degrees of Gabriel Thy commentary, and be warned! most of these opinions will be rather unflattering to the SI cause. No doubt these squirrely zigzag commentaries will be deemed counterrevolutionary, reactionary, self-justified, geodesically mundane, awkward chic, or just plain right-brained confusionistic with the same breath Len Bracken rode recently as he "enlightened" my wife as to the flawed nature of my own online work). However, I consider my approach in cold hard Blakean terms. I will join in gusto the game only to play by my own rules. My pained apologies to any "smothering intellectuals" inconvenienced by MY autonomy. After all, I consider myself an unrepentent self-induced worker, and unless I am convinced of the arguments made in MY behalf, I am powerless to accept them except as a sad consequence of ground zero as the geosifting principles of entropy storm past.

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