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Aphorisms Against Work

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O T H E R  W R I T I N G S

Aphorisms Against Work

The Spectacle of Secrecy

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  • To do what the boss orders you to do is slavery, to do so for money is prostitution.

  • Humans are congenitally allergic to work - they don't want to work whenever they have a chance not to work.

  • The sacrosanct notion of work is the cause of most of humanity's woes. Never trust the priests of work because they've poisoned their minds with it. For example, the quantity of economically necessary work declines, yet politicians and economists tell us that the only way to end unemployment is with more useless work. Why couldn't more people do much less?

  • The invention of workerism gradually, and even then only partially, subverted our natural inclination to be lazy and our disinclination to work.

  • The ugly brown dye of work spills across this miserable civilization, saturating the fabric of everyday life, day after backbreaking day.

  • The masses martyr themselves with work.

  • Work surrounds us and lays siege to our souls.

  • Going to work is like hurling yourself into an abyss.

  • The time has come to prepare the sacred cow of work for slaughter.

  • There are three types of labor: wage work, domestic work and autonomous labor, the latter being (in most cases) exempt from charges of drudgery and slavery.

  • Slaves feel tired just thinking of all the work they've yet to do.

  • Many waters cannot quench our thirst for laziness, nor floods drown it.

  • Creativity constrains the return of work; be creative and put severe constraints on work.

  • Laziness is a comedy in which we can all play a part, a veritable field of sunblown flowers where the unruly colors of the universe dance with the wind.

  • Fling your work schedule into the river of time.

  • The legends of paradise teach us to curse work, reminding us that laziness is the essential goal of humanity.

  • All power to zeroworker councils - impose a strict regime of laziness!

  • The right to work is the right to misery and always implies the possibility of the right not to work.

  • Laziness is the source of all virtue.

  • Work is the graveyard of bad intentions.

  • Authentic humans feel degraded by those who preach the religion of work.

  • Pay your debts with an effigy of your boss.