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Introduction to Bob Black
by Gabriel Thy

BUT WATCHOUT KIDDIES for the swindler's jest is camouflaged in the thick & thin pockets of liars and thieves and briar-patch saviors because it's a wired wired world we live in, and it's not getting any safer to defy these rather unoriginal philosopher goons who unfortunately possess no real plan for the present or the future except their own role in the spectacle they so ironically despise.

The nature trail we must walk is cluttered with the horse dung of latter day saviors. True artists and leaders of every rank have always created their own niche as if out of thin air and they did so with lots of work and toil invested with peculiar talents and socially adroit maneuvers, or else they worked in obscurity in hopes that that toil would one day find light of day in this vicious marketplace of ideas. The key to a life well-lived is niche-creation, not social upheaval for its own sake just to see what will happen next.

Is Bob Black an advocate for social unrest? Or is he busy carving out his own niche from which to wield his own powers of inspiration?

I cannot say for sure at this juncture but I suspect his motives aren't as peachy pure as his self-justification is obvious. Miller pressed into the land of play for its own sake nearly his entire life and yet found it necesaary to expose this sort of raging dichotomy. Niche-creation is very much real work, let's even say, clever work, fraught with failure, and it will always take work to overcome WHATEVER system of oppression is corrupting our lives, even if that work be play.

Political activist, philosopher, and mystic Simone Weil and philosopher of logic Ludwig Wittgenstein both understood this after vigorous personal research into the nature of raw humanity. Why do not the Situationists and their ego economists? They wish for the best in mankind, but they provide scant evidence they understand the very terms they use in describing us.

Whether they do their work with guns, bombs, lectures or hip huckster's pamphlets falling from the sky, you can be sure somebody's out to GET YOU TO JOIN THEM. As Bob Dylan put it, "Well, I try my best to be just like I am, but everybody wants you to be just like them. They sing while you slave and I just get bored."

So Black has it only half right. Dylan in all his muster created Dylan. Black did the same in creating Black. And so forth. Enlightenment can't be forced, or demanded. It must be sought every inch of the way with all the most your genetics, willpower, and grace can muster. Every rival chainthinker grappling for ideological supremacy is one borne of hope, but how the mighty do fall!

As any tennis player will tell you, the charm is all in the transition. And until we unerringly rediscover the Garden of Eden, I'm afraid work is the best defense against finding ourselves completely consumed by the awkward earthly natures we wish we could banish with a few good 'rades armed with a special dialectic but for the life of us we cannot.

1. Men (women) are corruptible idiots and self-satisfied whores wallowing in self-denial, and deserve to die to make way for the perfect race who sin not (have it altogether).
2. The corporate legacy of your ancestors must be annihilated along with everything else that may conflict or detourn the approaching revolution of zerowork.
3. Work is best accomplished by the natural elements like wind and water. Who needs people to enslave us with useless commodities like housing, transporation, and plastic sex toys?
4. Reality check people. Somebody somewhere somehow is somewhat bored stiff or is being exploited somehow somewhere somewhat by somebody else. Let's set things right, and blow this place to glorified smithereens. It'll be different in the future.

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