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Introduction to Bob Black
by Gabriel Thy

OTHERWISE WORK IS AS WORK DOES. Logic. Clarity. Self. This other dreamy sort of engineless politicking is a bloodsucking buzzard. I think of the United Nations as an example of this sort of carefree body of happy struggle—an organization ironically the very symbol of excellence in this roughrider egoeconomy. An egoecononomy that spits and spews this & that angry prophet's hint at perfection drawn down upon us in a flicker of mood-altering self-delusion, yet still is expecting to be welcomed into our minds and hearts for its supposed universal lovlieness. As Henry Miller put it his book of essays, The Cosmological Eye: Do we want every man to be an artist?

Would we destroy the great man for the sake of the idiot? This is logic taken to extremes, sure, but it is the struggle of humanity to find one's way against all odds.

But their vocabulary is strong code warrior mettle. The Godspirit is despised, denied, or tortured with words. Disorder is proclaimed intelligent, just as the weather patterns are left to mind their own businesses. Man also is despised, ridiculed, or in a pinch and a wink, apotheosized, and made nothing less than egomaniacal gods of the broken streets and thunder. Nothing is good, except the great equalizer, chaos, the cockstrutters and their philosophies, their historians and sociologists, their party snacks and their playpens, their bodyparts and their washed out domains.

Code War
Minimal Art: Code War
by Gabriel Thy

It's unfortunate Bob Black's never witnessed nor nailed down a good job worthy of his astute insights into the human condition. It's unfair to me, and it's unfair to him. If he had, he might think differently about the proofs he waves at us, as if persuasion without collateral is either self-evident, or it's that stinky stuff that makes vegetables grow. With all his brainpower he should be able to invent one for himself, and I suppose he has, but then, this must not have involved enough of a challenge because he's still on the same exchange system I am on. It's so much more impressive to inspire us to live longer by sheer willpower and hardly veiled disgust for others while inciting us to take less risks, slumber around, frolic, play, leaving entropy to manage itself.

You be the judge as to what makes more sense, peaceful order or peaceful chaos? There is much wrong with this world, itself already in fascinating and sorrowful flux. But if we must ask ourselves to believe in the glories of entropy, enlist as a soldier to the cause contrary to common sense and gathered intelligence, I as a single unspectacular voice, can only fight the good battle of opposing conscription in this War of Words with erstwhile dissent, one page at a time, just like we all must as we abide nature as nature abides us. Meanwhile, I find I've still got work to do.

1. Women (men) think they can do the job better than you. They can.
2. The corporate legacy of your ancestors is your duty to mankind.
3. When somebody's working for you, you're both getting more done.
4. You've got a plan. They don't.
5. Despite some rather reaching philosophies, people do love to work, and these folk will love you if you offer them a job to fill the void of nothingness they know as their own lives without work.

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