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Introduction to Bob Black
by Gabriel Thy

BUT IS BOB BLACK, FOR ALL his erudite bluster, anything more than a gesticulating gnat in a common sandstorm? Minimalism. Glazed minimalism like that of a Krispy Kreme doughnut hole. Does the fact that he's busy plugging the variables of his own generation of streamlined rubbish into all his inner circles, light sockets, and bluejean death valleys mean that the tribulation he swears we all suffer at the chains and charters of organization he still somehow envies himself in the form of revolution, and later, enforcement of said holy plan of eternal play is here to haunt us forevermore if we don't straighten up and fly right according to the Bob Black plan, or does Bob really care about us at all?
Anarchy After Leftism
Anarchy After Leftism
by Bob Black

It's a tough call. We here at the Project believe that everyone has a right to be lazy, stupid, slack, or simply indifferent, but we are also aware that it's THEIR laziness that makes US feel all the more enslaved, a worse kind of slave, a slave vunerable to attack from leeches and backbiters who whoop & holler with the hopes of devaluing the rest of us with their own thirsts and petite glory, and we when admit that we'd like a short break, then spit back in our faces, saying, "See, we told you so!"

Here in the West, it's simply a matter of choice. Be lazy. Inherit the rewards—usually stultifying boredom, or an attraction to the more unsavory capital habits in life. But like all of these idioms of freedom, it's never enough to have freedom for oneself. It's no fun, unless everyone is doing it too. The fact is not all children are as creative as the next one either. Envy and greed are natural consequences of a natural imbalance, as Black understands. But simply wishing this imbalance away changes little.

These roving intrusions upon sane industry are the poundstone noises of chaos they themselves worship, in seeking converts while always trading on mimickry for some shallow peace which usually begins and ends with their own ruffled feathers. This dance is nothing but an age-worn plot to help buffer them from their own fears of loneliness and closeted disgust with themselves, the limitations of their own current placement and intelligence.

War and strife suck. We hate it. We all want an extra helping of the peace within. But humanity is still humanity, even if we all start out in the same sandbox. This is the disgusting trait of humanity, and can only be conquered from within, not by shifty semantics separating work into a thousand categories, even we could banish 99.9% of those corrupting occupations which ail us. Black himself points out the banality of such much of the playfulness in hippiedom, yet by what magical trick would he conjure the notions that would propel his new zero tolerance for work world beyond the banal? Hippies tried. Hippies failed. Same disgust.

These idealogues du jour seek to blame others for this hidden disgust, this bitter loneliness, cloaking their outrage in social angst, revolutionary cant, cloak and dagger obnoxiousness, anything, everything, even infantilism, to mold this bold gripping reality of selfishness they feel entitles them to pry open the peace of others so to pour their own pitiful vitriolic into its place. In the master and slave game of which we cannot escape, for everywhere in nature there is hierarchy, there are winners and losers, aristocratic and vulgar, but everyone's a player whether we like it or not. False ideologies can change the exacting nature of neither priviledge nor of tasks themselves.

Close, but no cigar. Men will always rise to enslave other men, even if this civilization is wholly destroyed. Someone of strength and charisma, male or female, will start building, acquiring, dominating again. I suppose it is always good to have dreams, or faith, but in my experience I haven't found any of these idyllic positivists worthy of either in its proper sense.

1. Women (men) think they can do every job better than you. They're wrong.
2. The corporate legacy of your ancestors is your special gift to inherit.
3. When you're not working for somebody else, you're wasting their time.
4. Work creates genuine leisure and measured reality.
5. You're dying of shame, and you don't even have dirty fingernails.
6. Your fellow workers are your strongest link to friendship and respect.
7. Your job is your lifeboat in rough waters.

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