MOST MODERN LEADERS in our contemporary world, both the wicked despot and the wise shepherd can read, write and do a bit of mathematical figgering (even Suddam Hussein has his cosmospolitan flair as a poet and playright), thus distorting the old world's time-honored aspiration of the 3 R's for the latter day social critic. Despite clever advantages and eloquence in these rather quaint arts and sciences once thought to bring peace and prosperity at the expense of ignorance and cynicism to any who would only embrace them, we have suffered however the depths of strong disagreement and strife among these learned leaders as we are reminded that the ancient triumvirate of Race, Religion, and Riches continues to occupy the soiled minds of the global herds in chaos. . .

In this section of the Scenewash Project 20003, we study the gambit of well-brokered RICHES.

For More Info:

  • The Davies Mind
  • Organizing America: Wealth, Power, and Corporate Capitalism": by Charles Perrow, a compelling analysis
  • Globalization and its Discontents by Joseph E. Stiglitz; a Nobel Prize winner and Columbia University economics professor queries the vast chasm that resides between his own vision that globalism has both the striking potential and the fudiciary reponsibility to eradicate poverty and promote economic growth and a world suffering from rectifiable disparities. Strong opposition to IMF, WTO, and World Bank efforts to stimulate world trade is one of the important debates of our generation.