"It's easy to be brave from safe distances."


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  • Once known merely as the will to power, we must now restate for the post-modern audience this philosophical insight as the "thrill" to power, since we now in this accelerated media-driven global community can no longer be content with simply "willing" a thing into being unless we are extraordinarily "thrilled" by the thing, the latest concepts of happiness placing equal emphasis on the thrill as much as the power. Since we now accept that power in and of itself can be boring and self-brutalizing, we must identify the multiple aspects of the thrill before raw power can be of any use to us anymore, such as it is with the cynicism of today's bleeding heart liberals and stone-cold conservatives alike.
        Unlocking one's potential is the cornerstone of this narcissistic age where power is relative in a fragmented global civilization made mad by the glaring lights of inequality and instant takeovers, smart bombs and dumb bell pathology, this year's model and last year's poster child. Power is fleeting. Every man an assassin! Step right up, the spectacle is waiting and self-punctual. No use waiting. The thrill of "now" may pass you by. With all of this focus on the jingoistic now swearing with the hypercurrency of the everpresent, it is easy to understand why the all-persuasive self-evading "thrill" is the only thing that matters to anybody that matters anymore.
        Warhol's fifteen minutes is now fifteen seconds and evaporating. With revolution in the air as thick as industrial smog, it's not real power real men seek, or at least real power as the ancients considered it; it's the mirrored reflection of power turned back in upon itself that drives the world market of old-fashioned power moguls today. Imaginary power is the best sort, one might surmize, because it's safer in a world of finger pointing and bureacratic congestion, hostile corporate takeovers, and highest bidder gatehopping. The thrill to power is a private thing, perfectly private, and can only be called a teleological psyche game now.
        On the heels of the flower power hip came the "death is cool" dark crusaders. Radical feminism, gay respectibility and female authoritarianism have helped usher in the new sexuality of sado-masochism, bondage and discipline toy roles as the newly ancient flowers of Alice in Wonderland and Walt Disney crosspollinate with the native extremes. The thrill to power is again chic, and as each subculture's own narcissistic idealogy begins to break down into a series of raw stereotypes of the emperor seen foolish in his nakedness, the thrill to experiment and reimagine the full spectrums of power begins to filter among the general populations, making the old powers even less stable and thus, less enviable. --GT