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  • Whether one surmizes that the human condition is one in which its history began with the long haul up from the sea and mud, or with the long slide and even longer ascent back towards the perfected nature of the Garden, the unmistakeable hard reality of this argument is that while very little is certain, nothing is farther from the truth than the idea that judgement is the well-padded domain of thinking and rational people.
        While noting that historical humanity has sustained long bloody opposing viewpoints, Nobel physicist Erwin Shrodinger believed that mind by its very nature is singular and one, that consciousness is not confined to separete, individual brains, that is is ultimately a unified field. Another mathematician and cognitive scientist, Dr. David Chalmers, has opined that consciousness is fundamental in the universe, perhaps on a par with matter and energy, and that it is not derived from, nor reducible to, anything else. Thus, as genes exert their influence on how the individual brain functions, processing information, this viewpoint suggests that mind circulates as its own peculiar form of energy amongst man, monument, and consequential time.
        Without resorting to a full spread of case studies and statistics, twin studies have suggested that as body fat is under genetic influence, so also is religiosity, and surprisingly to a lesser degree, so is sexual orientaion. Interestingly, family life and genetic propensity can be equal contributors to an optimistic outlook which affects both mental and physical health. Pessimism however appears largely fixed from the start by the genes.
        What does all this mean for the hard-boiled crusaders of the world? Does this new hardwire information urge us to relax just a little and finally cease the bulk of evangelical and fascistic campaigns which keep our populations in a state of fanaticism and revolt, dissatisfaction and envy? Needless to say, one can hardly presume this outcome of current scientific investigation. Quite the contrary. As numbers are made important so does the commmodities speculation of these numbers by every sort of social engineer inside and outside the ideals business of judging the line-drawn resources and fear-driven consequences to mining destiny still under a microscope. --GT