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    Not so very long ago, a rising new trend in social interpretation officially left the crucibles of university snarl and entered the devotional nomenclature of official wisdom, dubbed political correctness. Collective judgement was certainly roaring into our lives from around every corner. No longer was the individual psyche sacrosanct. It was now imperative to run with the herd. To appear normed among the fashionably cool and chic. To hobnob, even become, one of the beautiful people. The great gray whalebone of mind-numbing oneness was now attractive in a nation once identified by its apotheosis of the rugged individual. For now to judge was to exert priorities of the group, beyond the vulgarities of the freethinker now dubbed a loose cannon. A swiftly changing socializing group where excommunication was immediate and final if one could not keep up with the radicalized mores and shifting styles of a spectacle-driven hostility to stagnation and tradition. Peer pressure was now more potent than ever.
        To my knowledge nobody has ever written a book entitled, "Friendship and How It Gets That Way." So what is it that solidifies a friendship? Congruency? Mutual admiration? Empathy? Honesty? Pure chance? The many tiers of friendship lead us to believe that what sometimes passes as friendship is actually best described as a general association. Mortifying forces in some friendships are always at work, sharply influencing, feeding off of, methodically destroying a once commonly held but shallow waters intuition of equality, a friendship where a persistant grappling among the deft for position is obvious. We can call this the Stooge type. Other friendships are best understood as symbiotic. Perfect exchange systems where strong protect the weak, weak support the strong. Still others are an exercise in pre-laboratory psychophysiological cloning, where like meets like, and stick together, best observed in political, athletic, mafioso, druggie and girlie mag associations. This type of friendship is probably the most common of the three mentioned here.
        Friendship cajoles, pouts, demands, inspires, corrects, rejects, recoils, inspects, reminds, unleashes, reports, compares . . .
        Often is heard the proverb that one can't pick one's family, but one can damn well pick one's friends. Surely these proverbial friends-in-judgement have never stepped out into the path of an oncoming 18-wheel friendship that won't yield, and will soon crush the poor sod who can no more choose his friends as add a few inches to his manly membership.      --GT