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  •     "WHO are YOU to judge ME!"is a pathetic rhetorical (if grammatically questionable) imperative often muttered as the final frustrated resource of a dwindling dignity, heard far more often in the droll marketplace of ideas than its original intent can support, the last vestige of illiterates and the undisciplined didactic alike in a society as confused by the very concept of judgement as it pertains to individual bias as was the era of Cowboys & Indians on the brutalizing concept, Manifest Destiny.
        Bottom line is people dare to be judged. We merely want to be judged in a sweet positive ego-warming light, judged wonderful, judged humble, intact, beautiful, intellectually savvy, a winner at exactly the right price, no overlap, no guilt. There are no uneasy hurt feelings associated with these breeds of judgement. But indeed, whom AM I to judge THESE matters if I am not equally inspired to judge one's stupidity, one's ugliness, one's arrogance, one's general loco, whether subjectively stated or communally corroborated or otherwise?
        The advent of political correctness has broadened yet again the road of "non-judgementality" which was originally paved with contradictory intentions of religious zealots and depraved social offenders. While it is true that we should exercise judicial compassion in matters both personal and social, we should not confuse compassion with the clarity of justice which begins and ends with individual responsibility. The result of a bias judgement driven solely by compassion leads to a withering of the social structure, and a rebuke to honest civilization.
        For purposes of this site, we shall explore ten prevalent methods whereby judgement is produced in this swashbuckled era of persistant nuclear threat, political and psychological oppression, white collar swindle, blue collar dropsy, and green collar crime in the streets. The hard reality of making a living outside the Gates of Eden presents us with many opportunities to throw ourselves onto the pyres of judgement. We can take a bribe, earning cold coin for our judgements, or simply swing balances with friends, persuaded by peer potency and chameleon statistics masquerading as number theory, or otherwise be coerced by general terms of societal norms and the gene jones made too tough to kick by the competitive nature of things. Then there exists the raw naked will to power, the tease of fame emulation and the sordid lure of the modern cults of originality which cause us to seek new ways to judge the world and ourselves. Be assured even the least of us is a critic in this game. There's no escaping the mantle. But we are taught that as we judge so likewise shall WE be judged. While karma is not free of this threat, time has withered all things, even the promises of pre-scientific judgement.      --GT