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  The world of life according to the world of death . . .

  Four score and seven (or a million years) ago . . . an idea of freedom took root.

                        These rather MUNDANE but highly charged words have E-C-H-O-E-D across the raw American mindscape . . .

      Each generation of pale citizenry is prepared in the ways of cherished ancestors and takes aim at the unreliable bounty of its own IMAGINATION clothed in unforgiving c-h-a-i-n-s of pride and with the prejudice of cretins regardless of its station or rank in history.

     There is always a BREACH.This is usually called the Law of Unintended Consequences, and is no mere trifle, where dissention is the natural state of competitive parties.

—Gabriel Thy, Scenewash Project, October 2006

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