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is allowed us is also there in the place of an originary prohibition that restricts it, "so to speak" absolutely, from before the very start. What links many of the actors of the stupid underground is the certain knowledge that behind this failed other there is a more powerful one, the totality as the strictest if most invisible fact. The distance of this ultimate Other collapses the distances of the social game.

25 Interview with Chris Carter, Vague 19/20, 143. See also Genesis P-Orridge, "Muzak,"Vague 16/17 (1984), 176-78, and Sordide Sentimentale interview, Industrial Culture Handbook, REsearch 6/7 (1983), 82-91. For techniques of counter-subliminal subversion, see for instance Cabaret Voltaire interview, REsearch 1, or Cazazza, Rice, and Pauline interviews, Pranks: REsearch 11.

26 See especially Le seminaire, livre XX: Encore (Paris: Seuil, 1975).

27 See, for instance, various interviews in Industrial Culture Handbookand Charles Neale, Tape Delay (Harrow, UK: SAF, 1987).

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29 Claims have been made by artists of a slightly earlier generation that the necessity for work was neither resented nor romanticized. Philip Glass, discussing his need to continue driving a cab even after he had attained his first international fame, said that he had no resentment--that he found most artists simply accepted the necessity of being a waitress or cabbie, without any ill-feeling. "No one asked me to be a musician," he remarked. Indeed; nor did anyone ask him to drive a cab. As if either were a matter of choice. And does he drive it still? No doubt, as soon as it could be abandoned, it was. It would be interesting, for a moment or two, to consider what he thinks of cabs now that he only rides in the back seat. If, in one sense, his adjustment to the facts of his life was the mark of a good attitude, what one calls a "mature" attitude, in

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