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Notes - Page 64

18 Pete Scott, "What's There to Smile About? The Neoist Cultural Conspiracy," Vague 18/19, 119. See also Stewart Home, Neoist Manifestoes / The Art Strike Papers (Edinburgh: AK Press, 1991).

19 Stewart Home, The Assault on Culture: Utopian Currents from Lettrism to Class War(London: Aporia Press and Unpopular Books, 1988), 88.

20 Standard terms of postmodernism from Fredric Jameson's standard account, "Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism," New Left Review 146 (July-August 1984).

21 Martin Sprouse, ed., Threat By Example (San Francisco: Pressure Drop Press, 1990).

22 At this point you too are beginning to participate: Cape Canaveral was for awhile, Cape Kennedy, and houses the Kennedy Space Center.

23 James Shelby Downard, "King-Kill / 33º," Adam Parfrey, ed., Apocalypse Culture (first edition; Los Angeles: Amok Books, 1987), 242. For analogous documents see, for instance, REsearch 1; pieces by Tim O'Neill, Gregory Krupey, and James Shelby Downard in Apocalypse Culture (revised edition, Feral House, 1990); The Book of the SubGenius, e.g., 91-105; "The Mark of the Beast" in Semiotext(e) USA (1987), 304-5; Vague 18/19; Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminatus Trilogy, (New York: Dell, 1975); Jim Keith, ed., Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History(Portland: Feral House, 1993); or any of thousands of documents about Communist-Satanic-Jewish conspiracies from other wings of the stupid underground.

24 Power beyond power is necessitated in part by the fact that visible power is so finite and inefficient. As Zizek elsewhere notes: "The fundamental pact uniting the actors of the social game is that the "Other does not know all." This nonknowledge of the Other opens up a certain distance, so to speak, i.e., that allows us to confer upon our actions a supplementary meaning beyond the one that is socially acknowledged" (LA72). "Supplementary" is, of course, quite a loaded term, and might indicate that whatever

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