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Conspiracy - Page 33

calls, in deadly earnest, "parody" as copula as the illicit copulation of facts. The chain of evidence is endless and at every point it adds up to the missing One.

[28] Conspiracy reflects, or shadows, the hybrid character of the stupid underground itself. It is the place where things that don't belong together do, and it projects-discovers these relations, these transformative maps, under the centers of power as well. It finds the other of its own marginality out there, secretly in charge of the visible forms of authority. If you want them, we already have at our disposal psychoanalytic tools for diagnosing this fatuous hermeneutics. Zizek:

The common feature of this kind of ingenious "paranoid" story is the implication of the existence of an "Other of the Other": a hidden subject who pulls the strings of the great Other (the symbolic order) precisely at the points at which this Other starts to speak its "autonomy," i.e., where it produces an effect of meaning by means of a senseless contingency, beyond the conscious intention of the speaking subject, as in jokes or dreams. This "Other of the Other" is exactly the other of paranoia: this one who speaks through us without our knowing it, who controls our thoughts, who manipulates us through the apparent "spontaneity" of jokes. . . . The paranoid construction enables us to ignore the fact that "the other does not exist" (Lacan)--that it does not exist as a consistent, closed order--to escape the blind, contingent automatism, the constitutive stupidity of the symbolic order. (18)24

The stupid underground comes closest of all to the constitutive stupidity of the symbolic order. We should always be careful, however, not to conclude that therefore one can live without this error, by a kind of decision, for the subject who would make the decision is constituted in the first place by its relation to this empty order, this hollow other. And who's to say what's really out there? Who's to say that something utterly Other really doesn't exist? Why not demonic saucer masons encoding the destruction of political

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