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A fellow who called himself Phineas wrote in to say that he reads 3-5 books, recommended Dostoevsky's NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND, which we stock, and revealed that he would like to explore inertia. He didn't say whether he was interested in bodies at rest or bodies in motion. However, he did lighten our load by commenting, "We do not care about your links. We can run a search on Amazon without you. You are obsolete."

I was delighted, and responded with a wink and a grin.

True, so true. But you ended up on the site, didn't you? Most of those links are nearly 7 years old. The Bookskellar was one of the very first affiliates and back in the day, we actually made some pretty good cash as a result, and can pinpoint the precise quarter when general online purchasing began in earnest, and merely two quarters later when Amazon had finally garnered enough name recognition that the bottom fell out of those three consecutive $22K Bookskellar sales quarters. And by the tone of your comments I figure you must have never even heard of Dostoevsky OR at the time. We still make a few bucks every quarter via clickthroughs, however, not to mention the fact that the links are still in place mainly to represent our personal recommendations for one reason or another.

But thank you for your insightful spin. You MUST be ahead of your time.

Gabriel Thy