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Who are we beyond the Rhesus Factor? Below the belt all men are brothers, but given the variables. . .

Icarus Tull
site shovel, first canary, blowpoet, gonzo fotographer, works from Washington DC.

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Jun 4-7 Act of God strikes SWORG cast. A sworgist or two is embarrassed by identity issues brought to light, but GT avoids panic attack, maintains sobriety. SWORG limps toward necessary reordering required to accomplish the task at hand.
Apr 19 Reality nips at the tattered knickers of the SI within us. GT nixes revolution now, prunes branches, stops the noise, clarifies site pathology.
Apr 05 Leaner, meaner, greener pastures. Scenewash Project overhaul launched. GT promises new life for stagnant website, issues call for first drafts of site manifesto.
Apr 03 Virus attack on the Swill results in mail bombing and the quick death of the listserv. Australian culprit suspected and challenged. Immediate apology from Rebunk unfortunately not enough to save Swill from demise.
Mar 11 Silence has grown roots and anatomy. Desperate moves to regenerate inactive cells within the SWORG energy quotient fail. Ego economies flatten. Long-rumored shakeup is imminent.
Feb 22 Kubhlai & Rebunk lay waste to what's left of SWORG comradeship now closed to Marxists everywhere, not that Marxism's not a beautiful idea.


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