Proverbs From Gehenna
( a . k . a .  G a b r i e l ' s  K i t c h e n )

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Some say in the beginning was the dirty word. Others say in the beginning was the first syntax and frankly, in this author's blind eye, these snitwits of opinion are simply not very orginal about sin, goodness, beauty, and the civil unrest derived from these proclamations, or anything else that really counts when you're down on your knees and shit out of luck or flung into battle with the almighty buck. And phuck, aw shucks, is it in the sound or the in lettering, or perhaps the spelling? Or is it all just a rhyme in the muck of time, an expensive nip and tuck we no longer dare to afford? And the survey says: It gets mighty deep in the trenches, and there's never enough shovels to go around. Women have arrived to clean up this mess they believe others have created in the foul weather folly of gender gaps and irrational number traps.

Like the boys in the morals racket, these girls too had big brains and fancy names, and this fit in rather nicely with their own images of themselves as superior authorities on just about anything they chose to think about in or out of bed, just like those others, those men whose exclusive clubs sporting a members-only sign of the times now swung around their necks like empty stencils turning dirty shades of neon purple, most assuredly thought of as the color of wit and wisdom and significant corruption in better times before in their own minds the floodgates of bloody women colored the stagnant pool of great thinkers and intellectual babes among men with dribble and double dribble. The no exit jones.

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