Proverbs From Gehenna
( a . k . a .  G a b r i e l ' s  K i t c h e n )

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After all, WOMEN and all she she she stands for in odd orthographic renderings have the distinct advantage of never having been rattlesnaked with the sad tendency to think WITH a penis, preferring to WAR AGAINST IT, being blessed with a different, more organic persuasion of thought processers themselves, being sensitive owners as well as gracious benefactors of the cunning linguists.

"Mere vapors, these men who have long ignored us,
abused us, or synthetically apotheosized us these
long and wearisome years. We have come to claim
what is naturally ours,"
accuse these new outspoken
"Twat are you talking about?" reply the
"See what we mean?" the girls chatter amongst
themselves from the penalty box.
"Ice hockey!" asserts
one, whose gender is virtually unknown.
"Bull hockey!" retorts

another sweet nothing, equally unbiased under surgical
technique or chromosome count.
"What's this PMS
crap youse gals are always moaning about, rationalizing your crazy outbursts and downright irrationality on the one hand only to say I phallicize it on the other?"
some hankering smooz hip with the boozehounds rats back with all the outrage he can muster. The tension is static. Every glance a puff in the wrong direction.

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