Proverbs From Gehenna
( a . k . a .  G a b r i e l ' s  K i t c h e n )

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There have been hundreds and thousands of such word breakers and action takers peddling the grab bag of high cerebral and spiritual foreplay, understandings and inner standings, both above the boards and below the belts, cottonmouth, bible, and cornfed rustic across every hipster scenario bonafide palyable over the ages: man before God, man before fellow man, man before woman, man before beast and man before himself over and over again ever since time itself first sparked up the joint effort at reconfiguring who does what to whom when, where, and why. Some report, but always with one hand on the panic button and the other in "their" pants, that history plainly reveals that even a woman or two got in the act of belting out a few witty bars in these impetuous situations of high and low argument; of course years after waiting in line to get their green cards from arrogant men, whom as fate would have it, suddenly no longer seem to really count except on their own dirty fingers, especially since this dalliance with words and happenstance of the dark dank past has been declared by the few recent femme vox populi boldly courting the horse they rode in on as formerly nothing but a dead man dead wrong thang, a bad system created in man's own rapidly tarnishing image of himself, and not worth the aggravation of jumping off a cliff note in these bright and shiny feminist times. But hey, if angry self-absorbed men in their brute eagerness to control the way things function could for whole hamfisted hellfire milleniums carry out this ranting and raving routine in both mock and sophisticated warblings on the nature of good and evil, right and wrong, morality and ethics, pathos and pride, summing up this peace and that piece in a book or a lyric or two, well dammit, so could they.

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