Proverbs From Gehenna
( a . k . a .  G a b r i e l ' s  K i t c h e n )
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On the theory that it takes more words than have ever been invented to explain the meaning of life, and far more pages of words than all the trees in the rain forests spanning this firecracker globe, can, will, should EVER fucking produce to make clear enough to enough already minds to really matter, a workable definition of life, much less its everloving fickled & frenzied frail meaning, let me take this opportunity to indulge sycophancy right off the top by thanking the fine rack and pinion editor of this rag for egging me to explore the timeworn topic of good & evil, literary or otherwise, with a few choice perspirations of my own. Specifically, this apologia will attempt to pre-empt accusations of sexism this site may incur because of the glaring absence of women authors in this collection.

Not that I have any special pipeline to perspiration, much less inspiration on matters concerning the relevant difference between genders or numbers. Quite the contrary. I have been struck down with a mute capitulation of the status quo, speaking quite generally now of course. Obviously, these topics have been in the news for some time now, with such colorful characters, all with tonsilteasing monikers like Aristotle Dingbats, Jesus Nowsaith, Fredblow Nietzsche, Ludwiggedout Bitchingsteinglass, Al Bovinary Camus, H.L.Menckenship, and Malcolm X-Lax all spending a great deal of quality time creating, laying in, or bucking a system or two, each tongue wagging after his own carefully considered style, each strung to his own violin and primrose tradition. And yes, I certainly am not unique in sucking on a long string de pearls of wisdom and personal bias ever so buxom when it comes to harping on this affair or that one. Like that ancient rockthrower turned wordslinger Ain't Pauline of Tar City fessed up in a literary moment, I too do that which I would not, and fail to do what I would.

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