[ photo of a famous work at the Hirshhorn by Gabriel Thy ]

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    WELCOME TO IPINGS SECTION of The Project. What is iPings? In a word, multimedia, multimedia, multimedia. Admittedly, there are a few big holes in major sections outlined here that require attention. We one day expect to pull our act together. After all, it's multimedia.

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...................Inside iPings

  • Scenewash Art Gallery (SWAG): Gabriel Thy's Online Gallery & Store. Digital prints, small and large acrylic paintings, photography.
  • The Literary Chip (TLC): The literature section of poets, novelist, and other writers that we hold in high regard for one reason or another.
  • Blowpoets Ad Nauseam( BAN): a cross-section of Gabriel Thy's large volume of poetry, much of which was published in December, 2005 as "The Silent Cull And Other Mechanical Ideas". The book can be purchased at Amazon.
  • The Bitterzone Terminal (BZT): This is a dead end. Name taken from defunct art rag by Gabriel Thy, published in 1993. 10,000 copies freely distributed.
  • QT Quickstage: Idea that this section will be the home for our Quicktime movie clips.
  • Radio Scenewash: Our Internet radio station. Our radioblog.
  • Musical Minefields: Homage to certain musical talents on whom we find ourselves gathering an occasional biographical tidbit. Slow in coming.
  • Sportsmaniacal Fatz: Well, many of us grew up on sports. Some of us were athletes. While those days are long gone, we must make room for a few artifacts.

...............Blog Descriptions

  • The Bellicose Augur: The full-fledged no hold barred political blog. This is probably the most prolific blog since we are indeed living in peculiarly political times.
  • Taking The Auspices: The literary arm and periodic witness to the writing and reading classes.
  • Scenewash Quorom: Site info or discussion that represents no singular topic or theme, but is a generalized space for the entire Project.
  • Radio Scenewash: Information and discussion concerning playlists, artists, rumors, and whatever else hits the airwave moment.