- Washington DC
    "Don't just stand there, nail that benchmark to a tree."

    LAUNCHED ON July 2, 2003, billed as music for the new American patriot, our Radio Scenewash is still spinning its dialectic freeform. Having programmed some 40 PLUS HOURS of no repeat metal, rock, punk, industrial goth, hip hop, r&b, ska, folk, electronic, some jazz, news reel, and spoken word material drawn from the 1920s forward, the bulk of airplay however is devoted to 70s-80s proto punk and its younger siblings, where melody and beat meets lyric, history meets timelessness, and new classics crystallize with every juxtaposition. Fresh cuts will be rotated in on a regular basis. Don't delay. Grab your own adjectives. Tune into the Radio Scenewash legacy...

    DEADEYE ON APRIL 1, 1997, we signed on as an early Authorized Associate of AMAZON.COM, mammoth online book peddler with the largest selection of books, lowest prices, and most reliable service anywhere on the planet right now. Browse our bookshelves of personal favorites, clicking on an authorlink to view a list of works by that author, or any title link to get more information on the specific book.


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  • Lobbies
    ENTER THE LOBBIES to discover a lewd speckled bird of theory and praxis. Each of our Lobbies is a seething recoil from this human history of dedicated but dubious rote activity: pragmatic and posturing politics, sad and sensitive philosophy and just plain foolishness too. Art gestalts and quivering mad mistresses of stone-cold sophistries attempt to distort our impressions as we pierce each with enfilading cafespirit, mocking digital galleries, countless literary figures, crippled poets, mangled criticism, mighty friends and mortal foes. You might find religion hiding beneath a bushel basket armwrestling with divinity and losing its shirt. Or you just might witness a killer movement on the run, and go away certain you knew the score all along.

    Our Main Street Lobbies...
    Lily Artwatcher | Chainthinkers Anonymous | Genelines | Sobriety

  • Marginalia
    CHECK HERE FOR BLUE CHIP MARGINALIA, special instructions, limitations, indices, special reports, the Fab Five hot spots, new releases, and the sort of thing that just doesn't fit anywhere else, BUT ESPECIALLY, click here to join the SWORG SWILL, our sometimes dormant, sometimes furious site listserv. Remember, this site is in perpetual revision, always suffering from crazy man weathers brought to us by both the civilized and uncivilized alike, whether occidental, oriental or otherwise, so watch out for the numerous potholes and dead-ins!

  • Luxmachina
    . . . BEGAN SCRATCHING the surface of our Great Escape and realized we had no comfort zone from which to bring order to the chaos of all these statements of purpose, blue-ribbon campaigns for freedom of speech, glossary testicles, listings of mirror sites, and other odd sorts of periphery and flummox that would eventually wash in like kudzu to cover this Scenewash Project with a clutter we knew we couldn't stomach on an empty lunch, so we decided to stuff all that schtick here in the belly of the Light Machine. Happy Trails!

  • SWAG
    . . . IN THE BEGINNING WAS ART, and ART was fruitful and multiplied. Pulling it altogether just in time to catch the next bus out of here, the SWAG is the Scenewash Art Gallery and store—where one can browse the huge archive paintings, prints, and even Gabriel Thy's recently published collection of poems, and purchase using your PayPal account or major credit card. And now that Gabriel has relocated his studio to Wheeling, check out the STEEL & GRISTLE.