letters to the skellar of attitudes and aardvarks

The storm from a certain unidentified inquisitor: "I'm in search of the HST chap book designed by Johnny Brewton (x-ray book co) called "Mr Leary he dead" printed last year . Do you have any or have any idea of the price???????? Any information would be appreciated. Also if you have info on the X-ray magazine cover done by HST I am interested in some information on that project also." Wha????? I thanked him for the tip, but sorry no cigar.

And Alisa writes, "I need some sort of address to Gregory Corso, because I'm doing a project for school, for Monday June 1st, and if there is any way you could help me, thank you." You've got to give these kids something for spunk in those early days of the web. I wrote back, however, "I'm sorry. The Bookskellar sells BOOKS, not addresses of the stars. We are not privvy to such information." She persisted in a second note, "Even a publisher's address would be fine, just something..."

Gabriel Thy

May, 1998