letters to the skellar of attitudes and aardvarks

Then there are those who expect us to be authorities on every book ever published by an author we may or may not have listed. Here's a typical one by a person named Chris Sheraton. "Hi! Could you please tell me the names of the books that are part of Simone De Beavoirs "Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter" series. I think it's a series.. with that being the first one. Thank you."

Here's another one: "My internet server could not give me info on Colin Wilson's "Frankenstein's Castle" - I would like to order several copies. Could you email me the information on how to order." This book was clearly marked, out of print.

Jonathan writes: "Could you please send lyrics of "Just Ace" to this hotmail address?" This fellow's return address however was from the university system in Australia, and the song, who knows. I didn't.

Hermit is equally helpless: "Could you send me anything on Jim Carroll cause this website was taking forever to get any info on him. I would like to read at least some of his "Basketball Diaries."

Ah, pleasant, short, and treatable. "Just thought I'd say hello to you. My name is also William Gaddis. Unusual isn't it?" I responded with a standard GT dose of reality, "Not as unusual as Alphonse Gaddis, some guy with whom I went to highschool down in northern Florida...but thanks anyhow for chipping in with a chirpy quip."

"Please send the summary on the book "Uncle Tom's Children." That was all one person could muster. I believe I ignored the request. I knew about Tom's cabin, and rumors around the NAACP about clones of Tom, but...

Gabriel Thy

May, 1998