letters to the skellar of attitudes and aardvarks

Here's an interesting and rather humorous one if you know where to look for the jokes from an author, who indeed did find his way onto the Bookskellar shelves. David Grinspoon writes, "I don't know how I ended up on your site: I'm just in random surf procrastination mode, but I like what you've done. I thought you might be interested in adding my book to your list. It's a hip new science book called "Venus Revealed". Check out what's being said about it on Amazon.com. and see if you think it might fit in on your list. While you're at it check out my Dad's latest: Marihuana, Forbidden Medicine. His name is Lester."

I didn't respond directly to his note, but I did research and put both books into our list.

Gabriel Thy

August, 1997