letters to the skellar of attitudes and aardvarks

From North Carolina State University, I received this from a student named Tatsuya Murakoshi, "Please tell me about: What is alienation from community in Native Son? What is racism as driving force of action in Native Son? What is violence as socio-political power in Native Son? What is role of the media in Native Son? Thank you, Tatsuya"

"My name is Michael Blake, and I am desperately looking for any kind of way in which to contact Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. I've tried e-mail, and I only found fakes. I'd appreciate any information that you could give me." Okay, folks, this is silly. I wrote Mr. Blake back: "Sorry, just a bookseller, not a publisher. Don't have a clue, although I heard he sends and receives beaucoup faxes a day. I don't know the number. Try the Aspen Telephone Directory."

Gabriel Thy

July, 1998