letters to the skellar of attitudes and aardvarks

"Dear Bookskellar folks, I am delighted to find your listings for Jim Carroll. I maintain the Jim Carroll Website, and Carroll's admirers write to me every day from all over the world wondering how to get his works. I now have an answer for them: I am planning to send some business your way by adding links to your site from mine. Before I do that, however, I would like to request that you clarify some of the listings, add a few items to the catalogue (since you/Amazon have "waiting lists"), and "fix" a couple of the entries you already have. For those entries that don't have info available about the bindings of Carroll's books, I have images of almost all of Carroll's book and album covers on my site. Also, I know of three internet-connected booksellers who actively acquire collectible Carroll items, so if you would like to hook up with them, I can give you details."

Well, Cassie. Thanks for all you propose. In fact, I have seen your work and after a quick check of my bookmarks proved that indeed you are the same contact, I have nothing to say but oooowweee! Certainly I would appreciate the links, and yes, I will clarify, correct, and add those notations you requested, and eventually I may even get around to writing you of my own Jim Carroll anecdotes here in DC, but gotta go for now. Thanks again. I'd love to sell a few Jim Carroll books. From the data feedback I get from Amazon, JC is one of the more popular, if not the most popular hits on my still rather primitive site. Bookskellar has only been up since April 1.

Gabriel Thy

May, 1997